High Vibe Honey: Week Of 28th January 2019 + TAPPING To Raise Your Vibration!

Meow! Happy Monday, and happy new High Vibe Honey! This week’s video is a yummy one — featuring an all new oracle deck… And the wisdom of Andy Warhol! Plus, we tapped on something that is so important: the ability to raise and maintain your vibration no matter what is going on around you. You can come back to this video any time you need a boost!

For this reading, I used the Art Oracle and How To Deal tarot deck.


Since High Vibe Honey went up last night, it has been getting the sweetest comments!

“I absolutely love and adore you. Your videos are so powerful and I am so thankful that I discovered them. I’ve definitely noticed a major shift in my vibration since tapping with you. Thank you!” — Natalie Thibodeau

“Gala, this was AMAZING!!!! I swear I live for these vids!” — Vii Designs

“LOVE THIS TAPPING. I am thrilled and feel so so sooooo good!!! First: for real, I am getting what I posted in comments before about teaching art so THANK YOU GALA FOR EMPOWERING SO MANY OF US BECAUSE THOSE RIPPLES ARE SPREADING BABYYYY!!! Woo!” — Radiant Fibers

“This was so wonderful. I have been doing the last two weeks of High Vibe Honey everyday several times a day and it has helped me through so much. I cannot even begin to tell you how productive and happy I have been because of these videos.” — Astare Solar

If you just glance at High Vibe Honey when it goes live and never join in… Maybe one of these comments will inspire you to give it a shot!

Love always,