High Vibe Honey: Week Of 3rd September 2018

SUGAR! Happy Monday, welcome to a brand new week, and an action-packed one at that! In this High Vibe Honey, we talk about the energy swirling about, ’cause there’s a lot of it… And it’s ALL VERY EXCITING! Go-go-go doesn’t even begin to touch it, but the good news is that you’re going to navigate it with competence and joy like the BOSS ASS BITCH you are!

Insert applause here!

Also, do you remember how last week we talked about whether we had to learn things the hard way? Well, this week, a card came up that showed me that you decided to do things differently. You chose the EASY WAY… And I am so proud of you!

I used Holly Simple’s tarot card deck as well as the How To Deal deck. If you’ve ever wanted to learn tarot, I recommend picking up these decks! Beautiful artwork always makes learning so much more fun!


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Okay, now I’m going to go pack a suitcase and head back to New York City… Wish me luck!

Love always,