How Do You Embrace & Celebrate Your Body?

Last Wednesday, I sent out a little Twitter broadcast.


& here’s what came back.

Twitter says...

@Susantrax dancing in my underwear

@thelinus belly dancing! it makes me like my stomach, makes me feel sexy and healthy!

@juliettemaxwell I kiss my shoulder without noticing, as if to say Thanks, love ya.

@posbleak Spend some time marveling at the things it can do and how the smallest changes can improve those abilities! Also, reading about how our biochemistry acts on our feelings – it’s eye-opening and creates new self-awareness.

@CMYKaboom I celebrate my body by reminding myself that throughout the history of existence, no creature has existed that embodies my form

@shessomickey By looking at F*ckYeahChubbyGirls on Tumblr! & dressing in beautiful clothing that fits & pleases me. I dress to feel beautiful. Being beautiful comes naturally after that. Also stretching and yoga. I love feeling good in my body, limber and vigorous and powerful. Stretching in the morning =

@luismuybien Though I’m thin and not the muscular type, I’ve learned to just focus on being healthy for now. I’ll eventually be fit.

@hachikoxbb wearing things that accentuate my favorite body parts, letting myself have adequate rest, lots of “self-love”, & yoga! xo : )

@raachyyy by wearing dresses every day, theyre so much nicer than jeans, they’re so much girlier and allow me to feel good about myself

@staygo1dkid Cute dresses! High heels! Colored tights! Nothing is better than a dress that fits perfectly with high heels to accent it.

@dollypink I’m a burlesque performer and I celebrate my body by shimmying my boobs!

@kitty_polaca i used to do belly dance to learn to LOVE my body & really helped me. i praise this lil temple of mine 🙂 #radicalselflove

@British_Style By wearing things I like, not things people say I *should* like, and by just walking round my room in heels when I feel down 🙂

@lydiahudgens i feed it well, exercise on the daily, embrace it with creams & masks & the occasional massage & celebrate it with clothes. i fashion photography because of i love celebrating the power of femininity, of the way the body moves.. each body is beautiful & photography allows you to bring out little separate details that truly celebrate the individual. PS: this quote (“We are becoming the men we wanted to marry”) is the realization of the modern feminist I think. superb.

@SugarKinesis I celebrate my body by trying to do the best I can for it, from exercise to eating right to pampering to sleeping well…. …even though I’m not perfect at it, it then rewards me and shows appreciation by making me look and feel better. It’s the.. …only one I have, so I want to treat it with respect! (sorry for the 3-part answer!)

@idance_iwrite idance! in class, in clubs, in my kitch. u get the picture.

@trendology w/ a stretch every morning, cupcakes, private clothing optional 90s dance parties, & toasts – cheers to my constant companion!

@asil I do yoga bcos it’s nice to know small differences my body can make each day. Every practice is just like “a date” with my body

@denoo …how do i em&cel my bod? by loving the fact that im woman: soft, delicious, supple, delish, warm & flawed… you can never celebrate another persons body unless you can celebrate yours first… but honestly why do i have to go an extra step to em&cel me? i love my yellow teeth, my bad skin, my flat bum, my hair. i’m me #radicalselflove

@ErinKys No longer being afraid of wearing clothes I love despite media telling us fatties aren’t ‘deserving’ of great fashion!

@flowermash I go some days w/o makeup to remain comfortable in my own skin. I dress in a way that flatters & inspires me. others: Emphasize specifically what I adore about them. Compliments are so life giving! #radicalselflove

@jujutreasures I think that art and photography are great ways to celebrate and appreciate other people’s bodies (as well as your own)

@glassofwin I embrace & celebrate my body by respecting it & not poisoning it with toxic foods/chemicals & staying as healthy as I can

@alihalsaba I embrace & celebrate my body through dance… every class I take I am amazed at the things it can do!

@hachikoxbb wearing things that accentuate my favorite body parts, adequate rest, lots of “self-love”, & yoga! xo : ) #radicalselflove

@katelanfoisy My body is a map of those who came before me. Every freckle, scar or bump was a hand me down from the past. The way I hold a cup or touch my cheek as I am laughing are traits passed down from my ancestors. That’s how I embrace and celebrate mine.

@colene1985 I celebrate my own by trying on my whole wardrobe when I’m not going anywhere!!! …

@Ellie_Di Strangely enough, I feel most in love with my body when I’m nekkid. Everything where it should be; just me as I am.

@blferguson134 I used to hate the way I looked, but thankfully, I have a great friend who helped me learn to accept my body. I love it now!

@konekochan88 I celebrate my body by what I put on it. Love clothing and piercings! #radicalselflove

@Emilybakescakes Wearing (only) sexy underwear around the house even when no one else can see me. #radicalselflove

@url_elf I don’t dress from insecurity. We don’t have to wear certain things to look thin to be acceptable or confident. I embrace others for who they are, not how they look. I don’t deride ppl for having a look different than mine #radicalselflove

@LadyMonstrous #radicalselflove I celebrate my body w/ martial arts kata and stretching. Nothing like consciously using it to feel its value!

@astrasmagic I look at Goddess symbols & remind myself that my own religion sees pear-shaped women as divine

@alorelle I embrace my body by loving it. I masturbate, I use Lush products, I stare at myself in the mirror like Narcissus. No shame

@seakisst I like to wear fabulously sexy lingerie under my everyday clothes, provide my body with healthy, tasty food and sleep!

“Outward beauty is an easy thing to become obsessed with in our society. I haven’t always had an inner confidence. I haven’t always looked at my reflection & loved it, because there was always something I wanted to fix, because someone always looked better. This journey was about finding something that was beautiful inside of me & knowing that I own it. & it’s unique & rare.” — Jessica Simpson

“I think sometimes what happens is that all of this feeling out of control manifests itself in trying to control your body; whether it’s an eating disorder or talking about getting your nose fixed, as if that’s going to be the solution to all the pressure.” — Susan Sarandon

So, tell us! How do you celebrate & embrace your body? What’s your favourite way to get down with your own divine deliciousness?