How I Got Transformed Into Liz Taylor: A How-To Video!

Having a professional make-up artist do your face is always a wonderful learning experience. I probably drive all the make-up artists I work with nuts, because I inevitably end up asking them a million questions. But hey, why not learn from the best?

Sitting with Lijha Stewart from MAKE UP FOR EVER was no exception. She is delightful, and I loved the look she came up with. Click below to check out her modern take on a 1950’s sex siren!



“Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.” (Elizabeth Taylor)

I was delighted with the Elizabeth Taylor-inspired make-up Lijha created. If you ask me, it’s all in the eyes, and I adored the way she emphasised mine with a lick of blue Aqua Matic liner. It glides on smoothly, and its high-intensity colour and smudge-proof finish gave my look a killer twist.

I was also over the moon to discover Aqua Brow, which I have been using non-stop since I tried it. Bold brows are EVERYTHING. Aqua Brow gives you a much stronger look than you’d get using a powder, and I am a confirmed convert. I’ve been using Lijha’s trick of starting at the arch of the eyebrow to give sharp definition, and it’s a goodie!

Mist & Fix is a bit of a game-changer, too. I wore this look all over the city afterwards, and it didn’t move an inch. Liz Taylor would be proud: she could have chased men (and jewels) all over town, and her face would have stayed put!

Products used:
Face and Body 20
HD Concealer 325
Pro Finish Powder Foundation 117
Pro Finish Powder Foundation (to sculpt) 128
HD Blush 315
Aqua Brow 25 (seriously, you need this!)
Brow Seal (this too)
Aqua Matic 54
Aqua Liner 13
Aqua Smoky Extravagant
Lashes 14
Aqua Lip 16C
Lab Shine D12
Mist & Fix

So much fun. I tried using blue Aqua Matic liner along my waterline on Tuesday and it looked fantastic, and it’s incredibly easy to do. Try a zing of colour along your waterline this weekend and see how you like it!

Love and lipstick,

This post was a collaboration between me, Style Coalition and MAKE UP FOR EVER. As always, opinions are my own!