How To Feng Shui-erise Your Wallet For More Prosperity… & Maybe Even A Unicorn Or Two!

How To Feng Shui-erise Your Wallet For More Prosperity... & Maybe Even A Unicorn Or Two!
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I believe that our attitude towards money determines money’s attitude towards us! Kooky? Maybe! But that’s how I feel…

When Mystic Medusa wrote up her brilliant wallet feng shui guide (only available to subscribers — sorry!), I was totally inspired. It’s a topic that I have given some thought to! I’ve used a lot of the information she shared — since no one knows more than she does! — plus a few of my own money magic discoveries!

Get a new wallet. Your wallet is a reflection of how you feel about money. So is your wallet ripped, tattered or torn? Have you had the same one for 20 years? Start fresh. Buy a wallet which feels really good to you, & transfer your cash & cards over thoughtfully (in a non-cluttered space). It’s also good to get a wallet which will fit your bills without needing to fold or crumple them. Feng shui experts say that money doesn’t like to be crowded! Organise your bills by size & denomination. Take it slowly! Enjoy the process, & cull your cards ruthlessly!

The colour of your wallet has energy. There are some general & traditional ideas about this — for example, gold, red & green have always been thought of as “prosperous” colours — but I think this is about individual interpretation, too. Your wallet should be a dynamic colour, something which feels like it has movement, as opposed to something which is pale or feels stagnant. I will only carry a gold wallet these days, & it works for me!

Put 3 $100 bills inside your purse — & keep them there! This idea came from Suze Orman. The basic concept is that if you have $300 in your wallet — in $100 denominations — you feel less “needy” & therefore less likely to spend money on rubbish that serves no purpose. I really believe that this works! P.S. If you break one of the notes, replace it ASAP!

Stash your credit cards somewhere else. This is another Orman-ism. Why shouldn’t you have a credit card in your wallet? Because it’s not your money — it’s someone else’s. It actually symbolises debt, not wealth. Remove the temptation to spend money you don’t have. Out of sight, out of mind! Use credit cards for emergencies only!

Never put your bag on the floor! Think about it: if you just throw your wallet on the ground, you clearly don’t care much about it! Additionally, it’s great to have a permanent place for it in your home, so you can find it easily.

Recognise the significance of your purchases. Every time you buy something, you are essentially validating that business. With this in mind, why hand over money (& energy) to companies that disrespect their customers or have questionable labour policies? If you think of every swipe as a way of saying, “I love what you do”, it can definitely stop you from buying old muck.

Pay with cash as much as possible. Simply because the physical act of counting it out can really keep you in check. $300 may not seem like a lot as the swipe of a card, but when you’re literally peeling off a stack of bills, you become much more mindful of what you’re doing!

Take stock of your spending personality. Suze Orman recommends that we all ask ourselves these questions, then alter our behaviour accordingly!

Do you spend more money on your friends than you can afford to? Why?
Will you spend money on others but never a penny on yourself? Why?
Have you ever bought a dress or suit & decided when you got it home that it really didn’t suit you… & then neglected to return it to the store in time to get your money back? Why?
Do you borrow things from friends & fail to return them? Why?
Do you put away as much money as you possibly can for retirement each year? Why not?
Do you often go out to dinner simply because you don’t feel like cooking? At what cost over time? Why?

Always carry business cards! As well as making good sense, since you never know when you might meet someone you want to work with, be sure that you’re proud of your business cards! If you don’t like ’em, have someone brilliant re-design them. What does it say about your career if you’re too embarrassed to even hand out a card?!

Keep it clean! At the end of every day, you should go through your purse & clear it out. Get rid of unnecessary receipts, consolidate your bills, & file anything that needs to be kept. Just like credit cards, receipts represent debt — money you no longer have — as opposed to wealth. Also, do you really need a loyalty card for every single business you visit? Probably not!

Add in some magic… There are a few things you can add to your wallet to increase prosperity (well, so they say!). Any green crystals, like jade, aventurine or tourmaline, are excellent, & so is yellow citrine. A drop of basil oil or a sprig of dried mugwort will attract bundles o’ cash too, & maybe even a unicorn, if you’re lucky… !