How To Let Someone Know That You Like Them

Make them a mixtape
Write them a letter
Ask, “Can I kiss you?”
Write them a story
Draw hearts on their mirror with a whiteboard pen
Buy them your favourite album
Take them out to climb trees
Draw a comic where they are the superhero
Take them a slice of lemon meringue pie
Drop them secret hints via your blog or online journal
Go star-gazing together
Read them your favourite story
Get a photobooth strip done of you holding up signs (“I” / “like” / “you”)
Buy them a plant & name it together
Give them an hour-long massage
Take them an enormous bag of lollipops
Visit them when they’re sick & tell them they look beautiful
Learn to juggle together in a park
Buy them a voucher for a beauty spa
Be a flowerthief — steal blossoms from the neighbours
Buy them tickets to see your favourite comedian
Tell them what you know about art
Hold their hand
Buy them a vintage typewriter
Build them a sandcastle
Push them on the swings
Have a picnic for two
Talk about music over coffee for hours
Load your MP3 player with your favourite songs & lend it to them
Give them a colouring book & a whole lot of pencils
Encourage them
Walk your dog together
Call them
Buy them a teapot in their favourite colour
Say, “I like you.”