How To Make 2014 The Best Year Of Your Life!

How To Make 2014 The Best Year Of Your Life

Gearing up to make 2014 a real celebration? I hear you, babe! Over the last few years, I’ve written stacks of articles on goal-setting, becoming self-actualised, planning and scheduling your time, how to have a retreat at home and even what to do when you feel burned out… And it felt like a good time to compile them in one place.

These articles will really, really help you turn 2014 into a year beyond your wildest dreams!

Get It Done, Girl! Lessons Learned From Daddy Darling.
Here’s a tremendous system to help you get things done, for good this time! Jump into it: I promise it will transform the way you live and work.

Don’t Just Survive, THRIVE! How To Become The Best Possible Version Of Yourself!
Abraham Maslow wrote all about how we can become self-actualised, aka live to our highest possible potential every day. This article rolls all of his ideas up, as well as sharing a few of my own interpretations of what he meant.

How To Feng Shui-erise Your Wallet For More Prosperity… & Maybe Even A Unicorn Or Two!
Maybe it sounds silly, but clutter can be a killer. In the same way that we de-clutter our closets, living rooms and offices, we can do the same thing to our wallets (and really feel an impact!).

100 Things To Do Instead Of Procrastinating On The Internet!
It’s all too tempting to dither around on Pinterest, I know… But here are 100 things you can do instead. Oh, and before you say “Procrastination is procrastination, whatever form it takes”, I have to beg to differ! It’s often when we take a break from the screen that we have our best ideas… And you never know where they might take you!

How To Have A Fabulous, Luxurious Retreat — & Produce Your Best Work Ever — Without Leaving Your House!
Desperate to get out of the house and spend a week doing yoga on the beach in Mexico? Me too, girl. But if it’s an unlikely dream, don’t sweat it: you can have a retreat at home, too!

In Praise Of Calling It Quits: What To Do When You’re Burned Out, & How To Get Your Spark Back.
The burn out blues are real. Some people will tell you to grit your teeth and push on through, but you’ve gotta know when to hold ’em… And when to fold ’em. It’s okay. Take a break, and come back feeling refreshed!

A Girl On A Mission: How To Write A Personal Mission Statement!
Mission statements are most commonly utilised in a corporate setting, but we can use them to wonderful effect in our personal lives, too. If you’ve always wondered about writing your own, I have tips!

10 Fantastic Ways To Get Ready for 2012!
Oh, ignore that title… These ten ideas are great for getting you ready for a new year, no matter how far in the future it may be!

How To Live A Beautiful Life.
An oldie but a goodie. A little less Pinspiration, a little more living out loud!

Better Sleep And A Bigger Smile: These 10 Apps Will Change Your Life!
Truth: your phone can change your life. Here are ten apps that will have you sleeping like a baby and walking around with a huge grin on your face!

Make 2013 The Best Year Ever: Resolutions For Bad Girls & Geniuses!
Sick of the same old resolutions? Here are a selection of kickass resolutions for bad girls, geniuses, and maniacs of all kinds!

5 Ways To Increase Your Inner Peace — & Decrease Your Outer Frown — Today!
Ommmmmmm! A few suggestions to help you get your chill on.

How To Make This The Best Week Ever!
This piece quickly became one of my top 10 most popular articles ever. The suggestions are easy but meaningful, and could make all the difference in your life!

On Starting Your Own Business, And Being A Productivity Unicorn
An interview with Jen Dziura about getting epic amounts of stuff done… And what does it really take to start your own business, anyway?

Got A Sour Spirit? Here’s How To Kick Your Own Ass… With Love.
Did you have a big bowl of Grumbo(TM) for breakfast? You can snap yourself out of it with these simple tricks.

The Secrets Of Body Language: How To Up Your Personal Power, Decode Anyone, And Get Whatever You Want!
Once you know how to read body language, you’ll realise that there is a galaxy of unspoken communication swirling around you at all times!

Get It, Girl: 10 Ways To Make The Most Of Any Workshop Or Event!
Planning on attending a workshop or conference this year? This one’s for you. I initially wrote it for our blogcadettes, but quickly realised it applies to anyone who’s actively learning!

How To Survive Your Saturn Return!
In your late twenties, and feeling like everything is hitting the fan? Don’t worry, it’s not just you: it’s your Saturn Return! Here are some suggestions to help you sail through the storm with grace and style.

Hey, Tired Girl… Here’s How To Get The Happiest, Dreamiest Sleep Ever!
Tossing and turning with a head full of nightmares is no way to spend your night. This is for those of you aching for a trip to the Land of Nod.

Happiness Is Simple: Why Too Many Choices Make Us Miserable & 5 Ways To Improve Your Life!
Did you know that your life can be happier when you have fewer choices? Yep, simplicity is truly the road to joy. Here are some ideas to help you pare down your life.

The Ultimate Guide To Making Your Period Suck Less!
One of my most popular articles for a reason. Make that week more pleasant and we all win!

When The Magic Fades & The Doldrums Set In: How To Avoid Becoming One Of THOSE Couples!
If your relationship sucks, it will sour the rest of your life, too. Don’t just stay inside and order food every night, go out and enjoy yourselves! This post has plenty of ideas to keep you busy.

How To Get Calm In A World Full Of Crazy!
An excellent question to ask yourself is: If you continue on this path, how will your life look this time next year? It’s time to act!

10 Really Easy Ways You Can Love Yourself More Today!
Of course, lovin’ on yourself should be high on your priority list, whatever year it is!

Radical Self Love Letters and DARE/DREAM/DO
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Let’s do it!

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