How To Make A T-Shirt More Interesting

“I told you a while ago that I spent a long time wearing nothing but jeans and t-shirts, the unisex kind you buy at concerts. After I started developing a personal style, I tossed out all the old threadbare and gross ones, but since music is such a big part of my life, I do have a fair number of oversized band t-shirts that I’d like to wear in a less teenage-boy kind of way.

“So many of these shirts are really great and have such strong, eye-catching designs, and if I had the body for it, I’d wear them with cropped jackets and skinny-jeans, but I’m a hippy dippy size 10, meaning that skinny jeans aren’t actually the greatest look for me and cropped jackets make it seem like I have a huge gut. Which I don’t! So can you help a girl out?”

I can’t/don’t wear skinny jeans either, so I feel your pain!

Here’s what I team with t-shirts: Maxi-skirts. Capri pants. Jeans (bootcut or flared). Tartan skirts. High-waisted skirts. Cardigans. Leggings. Shorts. Dresses (worn underneath). When it’s colder I wear long-sleeved cotton tees underneath them for more texture & colour. It also helps stop you looking like a big blob if your t-shirt is oversized!

I like to make an effort to dress up my t-shirts because while I do love vintage tees, it’s very easy for it to move into messy or unkempt territory, & that’s not usually a look I relish. I like to tie a scarf around my neck, pull my hair back, wear good shoes (rather than my beaten-up old boots) & keep my make-up quite clean. I feel like that helps bring it into more classy territory. It’s very hard to beat a great vintage tee, jeans which fit immaculately & a flattering pair of heels.

Since you have so many big shirts, you might like to compensate for their size by wearing a cardigan that buttons at the waist (to pull your shape inwards) or buckling a belt around your midriff. I often wear a studded belt slung around my hips to break up a black outfit. It depends on where you want to draw attention, though — the eye is always drawn to any horizontal lines in your outfit, so keep that in mind.

You might also want to look into leather jackets — not a cropped one, just a normal waist length one with cool shoulder details. Push up the sleeves & throw on a scarf & ROCK it!

But I admit, I am not much of a t-shirt wearer! Nonpareils, I give you the floor! What do you like to wear with your favourite t-shirt? How do you make it look stylish?