How To Survive Fashion Week

Fashion week is coming up soon for those of us in Melbourne & New York, while San Francisco just had theirs! The invitations are flying thick & fast, & designers are starting to sweat. We’re building up to an insane week of shows, after-parties, goodie bags, flashing cameras & gallons of makeup. Whether you’re an old hand with front row seats or an enthusiastic amateur, it always takes its toll!

With this in mind, I present to you: the essential fashion week survival kit!

Fashion week survival kit

A silk scarf (for covering your hair at the end of a long day); sunglasses (for hiding from photographers or Anna Wintour); Band Aids (for sore feet — see also Dr Scholl’s insoles); vitamins (you’ll need them); cellphone (Cath Kidston design optional); paper fan (it gets hot at those shows); blotting papers (for shiny faces); energy drinks; media pass (or invitations); water (bottle your own from a filter); lip gloss.

Other things to consider:

Have a good breakfast. Shows are notorious for being late or running overtime, so don’t count on being able to grab lunch or dinner between events! Stash a snack in your handbag if you know you’ll be starving within a few hours.

Take business cards, regardless of what you do — even if you’re a plumber. You never know, Donatella’s toilet might need fixing! Fashion week is a fabulous time to network & meet people, so take business cards, breath mints & your game face!

Consider the event, then dress appropriately. A Heatherette show will be entirely different to something thrown by Erin Fetherston. (If you’re going to see a designer with whom you are not familiar, a little Googling goes a long way!) If in doubt, remember it is ALWAYS preferable to overdress — there are a lot of cameras at these events & you want to look your best!

If you’re working masochistic heels into your ensemble, don’t forget to slip insoles inside. For those with seats, there is still a queue which can last hours. For those without, remember that sometimes the standing-room-only atmosphere can be more reminiscent of a mosh pit than a classy event. Be prepared!

Check your outfit before you leave the house — deodorant stains are yet to be made trendy. For the true nit-pickers (or Virgos), take a clothes brush with you.

Remove the glossy brochures from your seat before you sit down. They’re slippery little buggers, & you don’t want to whoosh off into the lap of a surly French stylist!

Plan your outfits in advance. Seriously, after the fourth day of tents & hairspray & sycophants, you will thank me!

Take a handbag that is capable of holding a fair whack of stuff. Those samples & catalogues & promotional materials start to weigh you down quickly — not to mention the goodie bags!

A week of guzzling champagne at after-parties will ensure your last few shows are torture. Try to moderate your alcohol intake & remember to stay hydrated with lots of water!

Above all, enjoy yourself! Soak up the madness, immerse yourself in the mayhem, & don’t take it too seriously!