How To Wear A Scarf

“I bought a couple of scarves the other day and would love to know the best way to wear them! It sounds like a silly question as I know how to tie a scarf, but yours look fab and so effortless. One I bought is long, slim and silkish, black with skinny red double striped border. The other is a square (to be folded into a triangle) and cotton with a grey tiger print and tiger face on one corner – red trim. They would both give quite a different look. Any advice would be great!”

I must tell you a secret. Mostly I wear headscarves because my hair is short enough to have days where it absolutely refuses to behave. The rest of the time I go the scarf route because I can’t be bothered doing my hair!

I first started wearing them when I received a scarf in a goodie bag from fashion week. Since then I have amassed a sizeable collection (though most of them came from raiding my mother’s wardrobe). They’re such an inexpensive & colourful way to add to an outfit, I am obsessed with them. Look for good ones in secondhand stores or recycled clothing boutiques. Check the seams & if you’re buying something in a delicate fabric, beware of snags or holes. Also, wash it before sticking it on your head!

I like to match my scarves to other parts of my outfit — so maybe it’ll be the same colour as my bag or my eyeshadow. I usually take the square ones, fold them in half to form a triangle, then lay them over my head, tie a knot at the back & tuck the triangle flap underneath that (to stop it billowing in the wind). Sometimes I fold them thinner & wear them like a headband, but I find this works best if you have masses of hair which will stick out at strange angles behind the scarf — & my hair’s too short at the moment for that kind of thing! & you have probably seen my How To Tie A Turban video by now!

Another way you can wear it is around your neck. One option is to take the scarf in its triangle form, drape it around your neck with the triangle at the front of your body, then knot it behind your neck. This usually works best with a scarf which is reasonably stiff, but if you’re using a silk scarf I suggest wearing it snug against your neck, otherwise it can be kind of droopy. With a long thin scarf, just fold it in half lengthways & then knot it so that it wraps your neck. You can do a bow if you like but it’s really up to you.

I think my scarves probably look effortless because I’ve been wearing them for such a long time! They’re so quick — just tie them up & go. They are my saviour on days when I feel haggard & just want to get a massage & be left alone. Haha.

Experiment with different knots, bows, clasps & brooches to keep them together. Try tying a scarf around one handle of your handbag — I love this as an idea, it looks so elegant & I think it would be fantastic to have a scarf on hand at all times in case your hair gets rained on/blown out of shape/annoying. Stylish & practical, I love that stuff!

Extra For Experts:
25 ways to tie a scarf with cute little diagrams & everything. “Add a gay flair to pants”, indeed! I’m going to steal some of these ideas tout de suite!