How To Wear Pink Cowboy Boots

“I recently bought a pair of bright pink cowboy boots (on complete impulse!) and haven’t worn them yet. I know they’re gonna be big and I’ve seen them start to creep onto the high street, so I want to look like I’m really ahead of the trends. But I have no ideas what to wear them with! Could you give me some help?”

The absolute best thing about a pair of hot pink cowboy boots is that it proves you have a sense of humour. I mean, how could you not? As soon as you put them on, it’s pretty much proof that you have a personality. A pair of pink cowboy boots are not for the shy. They are not shrinking violet territory. They are loud & fabulous & they shout, “HERE I AM!” While you could dress them down, I think this would do them an injustice. I think the best thing is to use them as a platform to step it up a notch.

Having a pair of coloured cowboy boots can be limiting, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock them to glorious effect. I once owned a pair of duck-egg blue cowboy boots. I saw them in a shop window, fell in love & wore them to death. (Proof: 1, 2, 3.) Some people didn’t like them, but they made me obscenely happy, so I wore them & loved them until the very end. I still miss them!

A good pair of cowboy boots is a very versatile item. It doesn’t have to be all jeans & down-on-the-ranch-wear! I have had an amazing amount of use from the cowboy boots I own at the moment. They are black & brown, have taken a total beating (I wore them at Burning Man) & still beg for more! I’ve worn them with a bedshirt, shorts & red lipstick, a vintage nightgown & a faux-fur coat, a sundress & yellow bow belt & the same outfit, winter-ified.

Having said all this, here are some outfits I whipped up with the help of Polyvore, based around hot pink cowboy boots.

How to wear pink cowboy boots


Perfect for a trip to the playground, a bit of cupcake munching & a ferocious game of air hockey.

How to wear pink cowboy boots


More conservative cowboy-boot-ism, but it still speaks loudly. Your boots say, “Here I am!”, your shirt says, “I have taste!” & your sunglasses say, “Science fair geek!”. Mixed messages? Why yes. But isn’t it more fun that way?

How to wear pink cowboy boots


The ideal brunch outfit. Just don’t spill maple syrup on your shirt.

How to wear pink cowboy boots


Perfect for a little antique shopping, followed by a cup of frozen yoghurt the size of your head. You might also feel the urge to just sit on a bench & look delicious — & of course, you should go right ahead & do that!