How Wearing Make-Up Affects Your Career

Normally I wouldn’t make a post out of a single link, but this flabbergasted me so much I had to.

No makeup, no promotion? is an article from The Age, a Melbourne newspaper. It’s based around the recent study conducted by Hamermesh & Biddle who discovered that women who wear make-up at work earn 20 to 30% MORE than their make-up shunning counterparts.

Amazing. I’ve been saying this stuff for a long time — appearance is important & people judge you based on it — but I never expected a study to prove it so conclusively.

For those of you who tend to go au naturale to your job, never fear! Gala to the rescue! I’m working on a three-part series on make-up. The first one, Makeup Basics Part One — Skincare is available now, & the second one (on make-up application & where to start when you’re stumped) is coming very soon!