I Bought New Shoes… Again

Oh my god seriously

Yesterday, I was a woman on a mission. I am overhauling my entire life, & part of that includes starting running again. So I needed shoes to exercise in, but even beyond that, I just needed something comfortable. All I have here in New York are high — & I do mean high, you’ve seen my shoes! — heels & flat boots, neither of which are much good for serious walking, let alone running.

I approached Broadway stealthily. I went into shops I never, ever go into, like Lady Foot Locker, admiring the clever colour combinations & holographic panels, but not really seeing anything that leapt out at me. I knew that theoretically I should be looking at the “running shoes” section, but they are so ugly. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I felt despair. I almost turned around.

But then… at the back of the store… I saw these. Twinkling; sparkling; eye-gouging — & I immediately knew they were the shoes for me. I didn’t even try on anything else. I LOVE THEM. They are super-sonic, hyper-pink, super-saturated, gloriously exhilarating… In other words, perfect. Yum.

Here’s to not twisting an ankle! (I used to run in Reebok Ice Creams, so I should be okay… right?!)