i.D.U.D. #002 — Batman Power!

Lesley dressed as Batman & what she wrote totally made my day.

“I was so excited to participate this time! I went as the lovely Batman! I wore black leggings, a black shirt worn more as a dress (both thrifted), a bullet belt bought for ten dollars at Shades Plus, stiletto boots my friend’s mother gave to me, and a Batman cape I won at Six Flags! I also did my eye make up, which you cannot really see, with gold sparkles to represent how Batman’s eyes are always yellow in costume! I wore it to school and got more compliments than I had ever expected. Surprisingly enough, I don’t think I’ve ever felt as comfortable walking down the hallway at school today than I did while dressed as my hero. I have to thank you for my new found confidence! I loved the costume so much i had to wear it for school.”

So awesome!