I Love My Boyfriend, But…

Do any of the following sound familiar?

“I love my girlfriend but she’s just not interesting.”
“I adore my boyfriend but he totally takes his moods out on me.”
“My wife is the love of my life but she makes me feel really unimportant.”
“My boyfriend is an alcoholic & I want to fix him.”

Here is my simple 4-step process to improving your love life.

1. Stop expecting your lover to be someone they’re not. They are who they are. No one will ever change just because you want them to.

2. Learn to differentiate between loving someone & being in love. The two are incomparable. Further to this, learn the difference between being in love & needing someone — anyone — else to make you feel complete.

3. Realise that life is as short as the cliché would have you believe. There is no legitimate reason for staying in a bad relationship. You ALWAYS have options. Come to grips with how amazing you REALLY are. Decide that passion, romance & bliss are always worth pursuing.

4. Never accept anything less.