I Love My Magical Pills

When I was in Toronto, I stumbled upon a miracle. A real humdinger. A secret worth guarding — if only I were good at keeping secrets. Well, what then? Don’t keep us in suspense. Okay. I found magical pills. Really: magical.

Here’s how it breaks down. One day I left my friend’s house in search of some multi-vitamins, having run out of them the day before. (Also, I am a vitamin fiend; I have favourite brands & everything.) I walked down the street to Shoppers, this Canadian wonder-store which basically sells everything you could ever think of, & after spending much time in the make-up aisles (as you do), I made my way to the vitamin section. I didn’t recognise any of the brands, which was very frustrating, but knew I needed to pick something, so cast my eye along the shelves.

I saw this bottle which said Multi+ Daily Glow on the front, & on a whim, I picked it up to read the label. It said,

Helps improve skin firmness, appearance & texture. Helps control acne. Maintains good health.

I turned the bottle around in my hand to check the ingredients. As well as the usual combination of vitamins & minerals you’d expect in your average multi-vitamin, it also had collagen, white tea extract, pomegranate extract, grape extract & lycopene. I checked the price & it was about what I’d expect for a bottle of vitamins, so I threw it in my basket & didn’t give it much thought.

Scene: a week or so later. I notice that my skin is looking really good. Really, really good. It’s glowing, even without make-up. It looks clear & feels fantastic. I figure it’s just a coincidence. My skin continues to look totally rad, all day, every day, & I’m really happy about it, but not thinking about it much. Until I run out of pills. My skin returns to its normal state, which is pretty good but nowhere near as great as it was when I was taking the Multi+ Daily Glow. Okay, it’s not a coincidence any more. The pills actually work?!

I decided to do some research, so I went on the website of the company which makes them: Genuine Health, who are based in Canada. They have consumer reviews of their products on the site, & the reviews for Multi+ Daily Glow are staggering. From there, I discovered another product they offer, called Perfect Skin. Check out the reviews on that one — & it’s the same all over the web. Hello, sold. I placed an order for both immediately.

Ordering vitamins from Canada is a mega-pain, because they always stop the packages at the border. I don’t know what they do with them, maybe the people at customs have a little marching band & they need to shake the bottles for percussion, & maybe they had a recital for a WEEK or something, but ANYWAY, it was worth the wait. Big bottles of magic showed up at my doorstep a few days ago, & I am already seeing the difference they make.

I am so happy.

They’re so incredible that when the Sunday Telegraph/Herald Sun approached me to ask about my beauty secrets, they were the first thing I thought of.

It makes perfect sense when you think about it. If you’re eating deep-fried nonsense every day but slathering on $500 face cream every night, what goes INTO your body is ultimately going to win. Beauty starts on the inside, & while eating a perfectly balanced, 100% organic, yadda yadda diet is ideal, we can’t all do that. So this is a great place to start.

I wanted you to know. Plus, what kinda girl would I be if I didn’t share secrets like this?!

If you take them, have taken them in the past or order them based on this review, I’d love to hear if they work as well for you as they do for me!