I Made Cupcakes!

I had a nap this afternoon & woke up feeling the need to do something productive. The solution was to make cupcakes. I ran down to the supermarket & loaded my basket with “fairy sprinkles” & icing sugar & free-range eggs, then came upstairs & started my cupcake adventure.

Here are the results.


Chocolate cupcakes with violet buttercream icing (& sparkly pink sprinkles). Yay!

For the first batch of cupcakes I’ve ever made, I think I did okay (though now you probably know why I write about fashion & not baking!). They’re a bit lopsided & the icing’s not perfect, but they still taste good.

I beckoned my boyfriend into the kitchen so he could see the results of my handiwork. I started to make excuses for the way they looked, but after eating one, he said, “It doesn’t matter how they look. These cupcakes are just a visual representation of what you’re doing with your website — cupcakes are great whether they’re perfect or not, just like people. No one has to fit into some pre-defined mould. People should feel free to know they’re brilliant, even if they think their icing’s too thick or their sprinkles are uneven.”

Awwww. (Now you know why he’s my boyfriend, huh?)