iCiNG Days Of Christmas: Lucid New York!

Lucid New York

So, when I was in Las Vegas in September, I met this girl, Anna. It was an unusual meeting — Nubby & I had just shown up at a blogging party (yes, really!) & met this guy who looked like Julian Casablancas who was taking us… somewhere. As we were prowling the corridors of the Hilton, this beautiful girl grabbed my arm & told me that someone had told her she had to meet me. We ended up in a limousine together, heading to some party & trying to tell each other stories but continually getting distracted or pulled away by other people!

Anyway, she finally found me again, on Twitter of all places, & we have since struck up a friendship! She is completely lovely & also happens to be a rising star of the jewellery world! Her business, Lucid New York, has had so much press this year it’s crazy — even Vogue got in on the action!

Alright, so I know how you work. You want to know what’s in it for you! Well, I’ll tell ya!

Anna has, in an extremely gracious display, offered to give away three of her charm necklaces — the fortune cookie, crown & cupcake — to three lucky nonpareils! I chose them myself, & they are all super-cute. You can have them in sterling silver or gold fill, whatever tickles your fancy!

I own one of her Tiny Circles necklaces, & I love it. It’s really beautiful, so I know you will be delighted with her pieces!

How do you win one of these gorgeous adornments? Just leave a comment below, telling us…

Who would you really, really like to kiss under the mistletoe this year?
& be honest but dream big! If it could be anyone, who would it be? None of this Miss World, correct & expected, “my husband” nonsense — if you harbour a raging crush on Michael J. Fox, LET US KNOW! Dish the dirt! Go on!

Oh, & tell us which necklace you’d prefer, too!

If you can’t wait to hear whether you’ve won, however, Anna has given us a special discount code that you are more than welcome to use! The code LN1D will give you 10% off the entire site, & free shipping for orders over $75! (International guys & gals, just email her & she’ll suss something out, as they regularly ship all over the world!)

Yay! Good luck! Happy smooching daydreams!