iCiNG Days Of Christmas: Magical iCiNG Knickers!

Magical iCiNG knickers!

I think this is one of the prizes I am most excited about: iCiNG knickers! If you’re an old-school nonpareil, you’ll know that these have been in the works for ages! (Please excuse the pictures of my butt! Willing & able booty models are in tragically short supply!)

So here’s the deal. The iCiNG knickers are black, because black underthings are sexy. They have a big sparkly heart on the front, & across the back, they say crowning your beautiful booty! They’re made from the softest, yummiest, most delicious American Apparel cotton. They come in small, medium or large, & also in your choice of colours — the text & heart can be pink (which is sparkly), blue or purple (both of which are — wait for it — holographic!).

The best & most amazing thing? I wasn’t kidding when I said that these knickers have magical powers. They do. I don’t know where the magic comes from, but they just have it! Every time I wear mine — EVERY TIME, without fail — something absolutely amazing happens to me. Some of the things that have happened to me while wearing these are not the sort of thing one wants to blab about on the internet, but please believe me when I say that they make incredible things happen! The sort of things that make your head spin! (I actually wore them on the night of the US election to give Obama a helping hand… & obviously it worked! Haha.)

So there are five pairs of super-fabulous, sparkly iCiNG knickers up for grabs. All you have to do is tell us…

Other than your magical sparkling knickers, what’s your secret weapon on a date with a promising stranger?

The contest is open for 48 hours, & even if you live somewhere completely ridiculous, you’re just as welcome to enter as those of you on major mail routes! (Maybe the magical knickers will help you escape?!) Best of luck!

Oh! By the way! For those of you who have been wondering, I’m so sorry that iCiNG Treats started & then seemed to stop so abruptly. It has been tricky for me to find a print-on-demand company which can print to the standard I’m happy with, at a price I think is acceptable, on products I would wear myself. These underpants are awesome but way too expensive (in my opinion). When I get back to the States, I’m going to have things professionally silk-screened on products I LOVE, & then I’m going to set up a miniature distribution point in my apartment! I am really excited about it actually, because it means I can also stuff the packages with stickers, buttons & postcards! (I love all that stuff!) I have so many artists who have already done beautiful designs for the Treats series, & lots of super-fun ideas, & I am dying to share them with you!

Okay — thanks for listening & thank you so much for your patience!