iCiNG Days Of Christmas: Tokyomade!

Tokyomade goodies!

I love Deanne & Masao way, way too much. Tokyomade never fails to make me happy with their fantastic range of kooky, awesome & original delights!

Here’s what you could win from my two favourite Tokyoites!

A kujaku necklace by Tiny Azure! It’s a beautiful resin pendant with chains & beads, filled with lucky treasures, including an original Eiko Yamaji etching, wild flowers, vintage lace & a four-leaf clover! A gorgeous “Princess Love” t-shirt featuring a design by Junko Kawashima! (So new it’s not even in the shop yet!) & an awesome badge by Shojono Tomo!

If you’d like to receive a package full of sweet Tokyo love, all you need to do is…

Write a haiku about your best friend! (Okay, okay… It can be a senryu if you want. That means you don’t need a seasonal reference!) Remember: 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables!

Here’s my offering. Ahem.

Sweet princess of red
Let’s storm Neverland someday;
We’ll romp with M.J.!

Let’s try that again.

My dear Nub-a-thon,
You are so beautiful, you
don’t need Photoshop!

Third time’s a charm!

Nubs, if we move to
Vegas, I promise not to
become a lizard.

Your turn! You have 48 hours & you can enter as many times as you like. You can even write one about each of your friends if you like! (I know that sometimes choosing a friend you rank above all others is tricky!) Invite them to enter, too… Maybe they’ll write about you, win, & share the goodies!

Fingers crossed!