iCiNG Days Of Christmas: Trashy Deluxe!

Trashy Deluxe

I have been on the search for a fabulous new nameplate necklace for a long time. (Just like Carrie in Paris, I lost my silver ‘Gala’ necklace — but unfortunately haven’t rediscovered it in the lining of a vintage bag!) I would regularly search Ebay & Etsy, looking for something that appealed to me, but could never find anything.

Until, that is, I stumbled across Trashy Deluxe. This is what I ordered, & it is winging its way to me right now. I am absolutely delighted with it, & it hasn’t even arrived yet!

Here’s the thing. Teresa of Trashy Deluxe & I share a certain sense of humour — that is, kind of crass & raunchy. The sort of humour you are selective about airing in public. So in order to win your very own custom nameplate necklace, we want you to wow us! Make us laugh! You can’t just go run-of-the-mill like I did! Sad but true!

Come up with the most hilarious, original, wicked, crude, fabulous nameplate you can think of!

We will be using our powers of discretion to choose the entry we think is most deserving. The lucky winner will have their submission made into a beautiful custom, hand-cut necklace in their choice of brass or silver. You have 48 hours, so hop to it, & you can enter as many times as you like! (We all know what it’s like to do something & then realise you can top it several hours later!) & again, this contest is open to everyone! Yes, even your granny! That’s just how we roll, baby!