iCiNG Days Of Christmas: TUT.com!


Since iCiNG began, I have been regularly mentioning Notes From The Universe. I have loved Notes From The Universe for a long, long time, & it was through them that I was introduced to Mike & all the amazing work he does. I was extremely fortunate to meet Mike earlier this year in Melbourne, & since then he has become a dear friend.

He is also extremely generous, & so it is my absolute pleasure to offer up this ultra Adventurers Survival Kit, containing items hand-picked by me! If you win, you will receive a huge parcel containing a Notes From The Universe 2009 calendar, a Thoughts Become Things bracelet, a fabulous tote bag, Notes From The Universe: New Perspectives From An Old Friend, a Notes To The Universe journal & the Manifesting Change audio set (which is brand spanking NEW)!

Talk about a fabulous way to kick off the year! This is such a phenomenal prize, & I know that whoever wins it will be intergalactic with joy!

For your chance to win, all you have to do is…

Think about what you’d like to achieve in 2009. Then phrase it in the present tense in a comment!

For example, I am living in New York, or I am in an incredible relationship with someone who inspires me, or I can now do a standing back-flip!

Please just leave your comment below. Don’t forget to click ‘preview’ & then ‘submit’!

You have 48 hours to enter the competition… Remember to dream big!

Massive good luck kisses to you!