iCiNG Manifesto

iCiNG is written like a love letter, sealed with a glossy kiss, to all the girls & boys who have never wanted to be anything but themselves. iCiNG is a project, ever evolving. It is a process of exploration, encouraging us to discover ourselves, our needs & wants.

iCiNG is about dolling yourself up, inside & out. It’s for girls who read Nabokov & wear stilettos, boys who appreciate glamour & take style risks. It’s for anyone who wears false eyelashes, or has a zebra-print umbrella, or collects vintage sunglasses, or craves the sweet life. We are citizens of the world, from the streets of New York, Tokyo & Berlin, & while we all speak different languages, we are united by our love of life, our passion for beauty & our commitment to creating personal wonderlands.

iCiNG is for people who know who they are but are always open to learning more. It’s about asking questions, challenging the status quo, making a stand & choosing to live in accordance with what you believe. It’s about walking the walk, not just talking the talk. It’s about developing the tools to transform our own lives.

iCiNG celebrates the right to be yourself — your wonderful, imperfect self — & being surrounded by people who accept you the way you are. It’s about having the guts & the courage to be a true individual. We embrace the fact that we are all different, & that our distinct views & opinions only serve to enrich our minds.

iCiNG is about doing the best you can, making an effort, being proud of yourself. iCiNG inspires us to think bigger, dream more colourfully & welcoming things which are a little bit weird or strange. iCiNG is about seeing the positive side of life, even when it’s difficult. It’s about making our own rules & definitions.

This is our secret clubhouse — where the password is “Louboutin” & we feed one another cupcakes. We live boldly — one-person symphonies of colour & light. We revel in breaking up monotony; we are full of delight. We cause a scene when we walk down the street. We are unapologetically true to ourselves. We are full of love & enthusiasm & committed to living a beautiful life.