iCiNG Presents: Nicole Jenkins of Circa Vintage

iCiNG Presents: Nicole Jenkins of Circa Vintage.

I recently made the acquaintance of Miss Jenkins, who runs the incredible Circa vintage clothing store in Fitzroy, Melbourne. I consider it to be just my luck that I happened to stumble across such a wonderful woman who possesses so much knowledge! I asked her if she wouldn’t mind sharing some of what she knows about vintage clothing, & so on Monday we filmed this.

This is such a great video, really dense with information & I am so pleased that Nicole was willing to take time out of her day off & talk about vintage for me! Seriously, there is so much packed into these 7 minutes!

Nicole covers:
What to look for when buying vintage — fabrics & flaws
How to care for your vintage clothing
How to incorporate vintage items into your “modern” wardrobe
& a whole lot more.

Isn’t she lovely?! (As Stevie Wonder would say.) It makes me smile just to watch her!

Hope you enjoy it, & thank you so much Nicole!