iCiNG Stories: Love

The other day I was looking out a window, thinking about the people that read this site, & how interesting they (you!) all are. Every time I post something, you reveal a little bit more of yourselves, & it’s amazing to me. Imagine the collective knowledge, creativity & magic if we put all our brains in a database!

I want to give you more of an opportunity to participate in iCiNG. So I had this idea that we could do regular story-telling sessions, where we all write about one topic.

What you tell us doesn’t even have to be true, it can be pure imagination if you’d prefer, but honestly I think real life is stranger & more wonderful than fiction…

The first topic is love, romance, infatuation, deliciousness. What do you remember?

For me, it’s Virgo poet boys who write about you & send you their work to critique. It’s people who write your initials + theirs inside a heart on a picnic table. It’s being presented with a dozen cupcakes when I arrived in New York, sneaking through casinos with my Virgo wife, & men who buy you a copy of their favourite book. It’s waltzing with my almost-lover at 4am to Frank Sinatra. It’s boys who sing to you in the botanical gardens & boyfriends who throw you surprise birthday parties in extravagant hotel rooms. It’s bat signals & entire albums written about you & unexpected phonecalls. It’s signs from the universe just when I stopped thinking about him. It’s the way the air between us is electric. It’s those moments of sweet wonder when everything falls into place. It’s stacks & stacks of letters, notebooks full of heartbreak which served as a kind of prayer, & holding hands in foreign countries.

Tell us about your sweetest moments!