iCiNG Transformation Challenge: 10/28

Diana Vreeland impersonation
Remember this?! If so, you’re old school!


To get you through your challenge today, I want you to think of someone you idolise or admire. For me those people might be Diana Vreeland or Madonna — the people I model myself after tend to be strong, polarising, ambitious women. Think about a goal they might have had in the past; then imagine what steps they would take to make it happen.

Now think about your own goals. How can you channel your role models in achieving what you want? If Madonna wanted to do more yoga, she’d do more yoga, & no one could hold her back. She would be an unstoppable force. Similarly, if Diana Vreeland was putting together an issue of Vogue & they were approaching deadline, do you think she’d just go home & put her feet up? Hell no! She’d light a cigarette, slug back a bit of vodka & get the job done.

Imagine your idol is watching you today. Now, do them proud.