iCiNG Transformation Challenge: 11/28

Today’s exercise is to be grateful for your body & mind for all they do for you.

The more we appreciate our lives, the better things get. If you wake up thinking about how wobbly or unattractive you feel, the cycle of self-loathing is more likely to lead you to the cookies than the gym. You’ll probably get a major case of “What’s the point?”, & do something that doesn’t really honour who you are. But if you take a moment to think about how happy you are with your pedicure, your eyes, the muscles in your legs — whatever it is, even if it’s just something small — that positive energy will help fuel & power you towards making a choice that is good for you.

Take some time today to think about how crazy, sexy & cool you are. Focus on those feelings until they’re so wild & bright that you feel like you might spontaneously combust. Then take a breath & go about your day. See what a difference it makes!