iCiNG Transformation Challenge — Reminder!

Remember, the iCiNG Transformation Challenge starts on Monday! Two days! Woohoo! I’m so excited, & I just can’t hide it!

For those of you who still aren’t sure how they’d like to participate, here are a few ideas.

Do yoga three times a week Eat a salad every day Try EFT Quit smoking Start meditating Go vegetarian, vegan or raw for a month Swear off Starbucks Start making steps towards leaving your awful job Hire a personal trainer Think positively about yourself every day Start walking to & from work Write every day Make an effort to drink way more water (or even better, make it your only beverage) Wake up early Break a sweat every day Reduce your intake of processed food Get regular massages Take vitamins every day Study for two hours a night Smile more often Strike up 5 conversations a week Do all your shopping at farmer’s markets Abstain from alcohol Start seeing a nutritionist Work at improving your relationships every day Keep your room or house clean Try a new type of exercise every week Stop eating “diet” food & eat vegetables instead!

Only you know what you really need to work on, so listen to yourself & move in a direction that feels natural.

I’d also encourage you to choose only a couple of things to do — establishing one routine can be difficult, so trying to establish five simultaneously will be even more so!

Decide on something that you think will be a bit of a stretch. Basically, it should be a goal that makes you pull a face. The thought of exercising & eating raw every day freaks me out, which is why I know I should do it! When we commit to doing things that scare us, we feel even better when we pull it off!

I’d also suggest you spend a bit of time this weekend finding a nice notebook to chart your progress in. We’ll all be discussing things like mad here at iCiNG, but it’s always good to have a permanent record for yourself! (I like Moleskines, but then, you knew that!)

Two days to go, two days to go! Glee!