iCiNG’s May Crush List

There were two pieces of criteria that needed to be well-filled to get onto this list. Talent & sex appeal. I admit, sometimes I can be shallow. It is not just good enough to be clever — which is why people like Stephen Hawking are notably absent. It’s not okay just to be cute, either. Style without substance has never really been my bag. We’ve all approached someone good-looking only to be disappointed by their lack of intellectual prowess. I can’t crush on someone unless I can imagine having a really good conversation with them.

So, without further ado… here are my sweet picks!

Kalindy (also has a livejournal). Lives in the middle of nowhere in Australia, but works it to her advantage with gorgeous photographs. I love her look — kind of a sexy, awkward stringbean with accessories. The pictures she takes of her friends make it look as though a big group of them meet up on the weekend for a dress-up picnic, & you can imagine how that thrills me.

Violet Blue. No big secret or surprise there. A whip-smart sex educator & San Francisco native, she was recently signed with ICM, yay! She writes fantastic books & is a fellow cupcake lover. Her blog is brilliant & I absolutely love reading her thoughts. She is also very, very cute.

Sandra B. She is really cool & I think she would be afraid if she knew the extent of my obsession. I have been reading her online journal for years, following her through adventures with lacklustre boyfriends, vengeful best friends & road trips & estate sales across the country. She is also a truly magnificent dresser. I think it was probably her that inspired me to go blonde the first time. She has moved out of her house now, but I really miss pictures of her black bedroom with its big green velvet couch & toy pianos everywhere.

Manko. Let’s not talk about Suicidegirls — instead, feast your eyes on her glorious visual assault. I don’t know where she’s from, all I know is that she has a weird accent, she lives in London, she takes her clothes off for money & she is an aesthetic dream. Various rants & magazine appearances listed on her Myspace blog.

Two brunettes & two blondes… at least it’s balanced. You will notice they’re all women. I think the reason for this is that women influence me in a way that men just can’t. If someone of the same sex inspires you, it seems more attainable, more like you can incorporate parts of what you like about them into your own persona — their confidence, their attitude, their penchant for wearing big boots, etc.

Who are your crushes?