Ideas For iCiNG Day #001

iCiNG Day is in two & a half weeks! (More information here!) I am so excited, are you?

I’ve had some questions recently from people asking what I was going to do for iCiNG Day. Well, it’s a secret, but rest assured, I have plans! Great ones! It seems like some of you are stuck for ideas, however, so I thought I’d give you a bit of a hand…

The theme for the first iCiNG Day is “I …”, so the aim is to celebrate something you really adore. Start thinking about things you are obsessed with. What kind of websites do you like? Which section of the bookshop do you always go for? Do you have a favourite food or culture? Do you collect anything? What do you make time in your day for?

Here is a list of things I adore, which I could (but won’t) be celebrating for iCiNG Day: cupcakes, Victoria Beckham, yoga, typewriters, psychedelic granny chic, heart-shaped sparkly things, Ellen Von Unwerth, sending mail, aristocratic old ladies, circus freaks, shoes, really tall drag queens, New York City, tiaras, my friends, kites, balloons, Grey Gardens

Potential ways to celebrate those things: bake a huge batch of cupcakes & write “Happy iCiNG Day” on the top. Take photos of yourself dressed as a yogi in a mind-bending pose. Use the Flickr mosaic-builder to create a collage of your favourite Ellen Von Unwerth photos. Make a video of yourself hugging the postman. Dress like your favourite aristocratic old lady. Dress as a circus freak. Make a collage of the sexiest shoes you can find. Take pictures of yourself in drag or posing with your favourite drag queen. Wear an “I NYC” t-shirt & eat pizza. Have a picnic with your friends & fly kites. Pretend to be Little Edie on a decaying country estate.

I hope this is stimulating your brain juices! Mmmm, delicious brain juices! Slurp!