If You Need A Smile Today… These Dog Halloween Costumes Should Do The Trick!

It’s no secret that Halloween is my favourite holiday… & I like it even better when dogs are involved!

Every year, there’s a dog halloween costume parade (& contest) in Tompkins Square Park in the East Village. It’s just a hop, skip & a jump from my place, so it’s become a bit of a tradition! Unfortunately for me, this year, I missed it… Probably good news for Hank & Dolly, though! I definitely had my sights set on putting Dolly in a raptor costume… !

Thankfully, Lydia Hudgens was there to capture it all on film! This way, I get my fix of dressed-up dogs, & you do too!

There are definitely lots of ideas here if you’re planning on costuming your companion this Halloween! Hope you enjoy these…

Halloween dog parade!The reluctant bride!

Halloween dog parade!The Autumn Fairy?!

Halloween dog parade!I love a bulldog in a leather jacket!

Halloween dog parade!Devilishly good-looking… (Ho ho!)

Halloween dog parade!Popcorn!!!!!

Halloween dog parade!Political pooch…

Halloween dog parade!I love this frog outfit, & the dog’s befuddled face!

Halloween dog parade!Another frog!

Halloween dog parade!…& ANOTHER frog?!

Halloween dog parade!Nice jeans!

Halloween dog parade!Ohhhh, ladybug pug!

Halloween dog parade!Snow White, is that you?!

Halloween dog parade!I can’t believe they even drew eyebrows on him!

Halloween dog parade!A banana split with a cherry on top!

Halloween dog parade!Cutest Spiderman EVER.

Halloween dog parade!Pilgrim?!

Halloween dog parade!Sooooo sweet.

Halloween dog parade!“I’m tired, Mom! Can we go home?”

Halloween dog parade!Puttin’ out fire with gasoline!

Halloween dog parade!Beekeepers, just doin’ their job.

Halloween dog parade!One escaped!

Halloween dog parade!New York’s Finest!

Halloween dog parade!This dog TOTALLY looks like a mischief-maker!

Halloween dog parade!Hammerhead shark… Bless.

Halloween dog parade!Ahoy there matey!

Halloween dog parade!Is this a flower costume?!

Halloween dog parade!I just love these two.

Halloween dog parade!Is this a stegosaurus?!

Halloween dog parade!The drink of choice for hipsters everywhere…

Halloween dog parade!Little ram! Surely this is an Aries costume!

Halloween dog parade!I don’t really know what this pup is wearing, but look at that face!

Halloween dog parade!So cute.

Halloween dog parade!A taxi & a tour-bus?! Amazing!

Halloween dog parade!What a lover!


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