Imaginary Girls In Black & White

I didn’t set out for these outfits to all be combinations of black, white & grey, it just ended up that way! The thing is, black doesn’t have to be boring. There is so much texture around at the moment that an outfit can look amazing even if there’s no colour involved. Layer up with leather (real or faux), wool, zippers, studs, ruching, stockings, feathers, fringe or crystals to create a look that transforms you as well as keeping you cozy!


Dahlia worked in public relations. She grew prize orchids, preferred sandwiches with the crusts cut off & could run miles in her stilettos. She was obsessed with online dating but never met anyone in person — she preferred her orchids.


Veronica’s favourite things included cans of neon spraypaint, writing rhyming couplets for people’s birthdays, analysing her dreams, rap records from the ’80s & never returning books to the library. She was an it-girl on the internet but never went online, so had no idea.


Greta was obsessed with finding the perfect matte pink lipstick, sitting cross-legged & making promises with her fingers crossed behind her back. She always had candy wrappers in her pockets, & her motto was Per Aspera Ad Astra — “through hardships to the stars”.


Mink was an ex-model who gave it up to pursue an art degree. She meditated on swing-sets after dark. She often bought flowers instead of paying her rent, could absolutely never catch the right bus, & sometimes wrote songs for the insects she spotted in her bathroom.

P.S. Product information for all but Veronica are here — my draft of her outfit disappeared before I could publish it, boo!


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