Imagining International Playgirl HQ

Imagining International Playgirl HQ

I’m almost at the end of my sublease in New York — my fourth one! (How is this possible?!) & as it draws to a close, I’m starting to think about what it would be like to have more permanent digs. Oh, permanent digs. The thought makes me salivate. When you’re used to living out of suitcases, the concept seems like a mystical fairytale. Even when you manage to unpack your things, which I have to do or I go crazy, your suitcases are still lined up in the hallway, knowing that soon enough, everything’s going to have to go back inside them, & it’s on the road again.

The next month is going to contain much more travel than could be considered reasonable, but when I get back, things are going to be different… because I’m going to get my own place. No more living in someone else’s home. No more mixing my things in with the owner’s belongings. No more of that constant, lingering knowledge that I soon have to pack up & go.

So I’ve been thinking about how I want it to look. This is somewhat compounded by the fact that Nubby’s in town, & we talk about aesthetics with obsessive fervour. I’ve also been strongly influenced by this incredible store in Williamsburg called The Future Perfect, which sells the most incredible, rad & fun home furnishings ever — & I recently discovered The Ace Hotel, whose interior design is SO in line with my own style it kind of scares me!

Here are some pieces I’ve found, pictures that are inspiring me & thoughts on how I’d like my ideal home to look…

Imagining International Playgirl HQ

I’m really obsessed with white interiors. White walls are pretty much my favourite thing ever. Every single bedroom I’ve ever had has either had white or violet walls.

The last place I lived in alone, in Auckland, had white walls, a wall of windows & black carpet. I had two little two-seater couches & two individual overstuffed chairs, one of each in black & one of each in white. I had a big white Flokati rug & fairy lights everywhere, with vintage typewriters, leafy green plants & a light-up globe along the window. My bedding was black pinstripe with white pillows, & I had hot pink accents everywhere: throws, pillows & lampshades. The d├ęcor was really simple but the colour scheme really pulled everything together. I just LOVE a black & white palette, because you can add any colour to it & it totally pops.

When I lived in Melbourne, all our furniture was white. I probably wouldn’t do that again, because I like to break it up with black & other colours, but it suited the place we were in (which had enormous windows & insane views). Some would say all white furniture is impractical (they are right), but you can get around it by being a) nuts & b) careful, both of which I generally am. Plus, I don’t have children, which makes it an okay choice for me…

Imagining International Playgirl HQ

A blackboard wall… Elaborate wallpaper… Vintage typewriters… Crushed cups for serving teeny tiny drinks… Lots of light… Stacks of books… A photobooth machine (ohmygodyes)… Big mirrors… Chandeliers… A ridiculously oversized walk-in wardrobe… Hot pink & white stripes… Big type & letters… This sofa… Collections of stationery… Bedazzled skulls (!!!)… High bookshelves… Jewelled pillows… Enormous windows… & a super-cute puppy for me to snuggle with. I would also like to be kissed awake every morning, & maybe for there to be an indoor lake with sparkly swanboats floating on it. Can we make that happen?!

How would your ideal home look? What colours would you paint it & what features would it have? Would it have a slumber party room? A secret mad science-type laboratory? A huge treehouse out the back? A trampoline room?

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