In Celebration Of All Things Radical Self Love… & A Very Special Valentine’s Day SALE!

Radical Self Love

Two years ago today, I put out a plea to end the Valentine’s Day madness, & decided to declare February the month of Radical Self Love. I didn’t know, then, what it would become. I didn’t know how much it would grow & swell, how much it would become a part of so many girl’s lives, & how much it could help us, change us, & make us happier.

Radical self love has since become my passion, my mission, my raison d’ĂȘtre. I want nothing more than to show women — ALL women — how beautiful they are. Doing this inner work is what leads to everything else that is wonderful.

Loving yourself changes everything about your life. You stop putting up with other peoples’ bullshit. You start to demand more of others, & expect more from yourself. You leave destructive relationships & fizzled-out friendships in the dust. You start to wake up to what you’re truly passionate about, & make steps towards pursuing it. It completely alters your existence in a way that you could not possibly imagine.

My own journey to radical self lovin’ was a rocky one. I was clinically depressed from a young age, even diagnosed with bi-polar disorder by a doctor who barely took the time to speak to me! I started going to therapy when I was 13 years old, but no matter how many sessions I attended, nothing changed. When I moved out of home, I developed an eating disorder which consumed my life for several years. I always had huge dreams but I felt utterly crippled by what I perceived as my problems, my curses. My life felt hopeless & destitute. I felt so alienated from what was “normal”, & was afraid of what my future might look like.

My life completely changed when I started using EFT & consequently, learning how to love myself. My boyfriend — who was sick of me being a miseryguts all the time! — encouraged me to explore this path, & we had no knowledge of where it might lead.

I went from being a girl who felt stuck in her horrible corporate job, having terrible unromances (oh, the stories I could tell you), & feeling sad all the time to the woman I am now. I live in my favourite city in the entire world, I’m married to a fantastic man, & I get to do what I love EVERY DAY. If that’s not a personal revolution, I don’t know what is… & I think it’s worth celebrating!


So here’s what I have for you this February…

1. I’m going to be dishing out radical self love homework & activities ALL MONTH LONG!

2. For the duration of the month — all 29 days! — both Love & Sequins & Radical Self Love Bootcamp are going to be HALF-PRICE! (Eeeeeeeeeeeee!) This way, if you feel inspired to delve deeper into your own radical self love adventure, you’ll have a new & fantastic way to do it.

Why yes, yes it is!

Buy Now

Radical Self Love Bootcamp is $100 $50! It’s a 30-day course which comes with videos & MP3s, as well as an invitation to our exclusive (& FABULOUS) forum, where you can interact with other radical self love warriors!

If you enroll today, you’ll be (immediately!) sent a link to download the entire course. You can start whenever you want: today, tomorrow or next week!

You can read more about Radical Self Love Bootcamp here!

Love & Sequins!

Love & Sequins is is $12 $6 per chapter, or $84 $42 for the WHOLE thing! All you have to do is click the heart on the right & you’ll be taken to a page showing you all your options — or you can click right here!

Each chapter is 10,000 or more words — a pretty large serving of sparkle! You’ll be sent your chapters of choice straight away, along with an accompanying MP3 to listen to on road-trips or while you walk around your city!

By the way, you don’t need a Paypal account to get your hands on the deliciousness — you can simply use your debit or credit card! Yay!

I can’t wait to share all this goodness with you… Get your radical self love bible ready & LET’S DO IT!

Happy Valentine’s Day month!