International Dress-Up Day #002 Pictures!

Fred Chook dressed as Dr John H. Watson!

“It was a quiet day in the spring of 1899 when the singular Case of the International Day of Dressing Up was presented before my good friend and colleague, Mr Sherlock Holmes. This case was remarkable in that Holmes was able to solve it without ever leaving his seat in our front room, barring a short visit to the lavatory. I also like to think that, in a small way, my own powers of psychology and human understanding, as well as my grip on the fire poker, contributed to retaining the honour of a young lady and ridding London of one of its most dangerous criminals…”

smokeandwine said…

“I love the idea of International Dress Up Day and decided at last minute that I needed to participate even though I had thought for a long time on what I wanted to dress up and finally went back and decided to be my favourite movie character of all time – Garth from Wayne’s World =D”