International Dress-Up Day #002

For International Dress-Up Day #002, I dressed up as my favourite character of all time — Witch Baby, a character created by Francesca Lia Block. (I am still in costume. I feel great.)

Witch Baby is a moody teenage girl, the daughter of a witch called Vixanne Wigg & a man called My Secret Agent Lover Man. She wears rollerskates or hi-top sneakers with rubber bugs stuck on them. She has a bat-shaped backpack & takes photographs of everything. Her hair is a tangly mess of black snarls & when she wants to be alone she buries herself in the mud in the garden. She has big, tilted purple eyes & her prized possession is a globe lamp. Once she ran away from home & camped out in her dead grandfather’s apartment in New York.

I love her! She is one of the characters in Dangerous Angels, which you should read.

Black scarf around my head, given to me by my mother years ago. I wear it every winter, I love it.
Rose-stencil choker. Bought at Urban Outfitters in New York for about $2. (Roses are a theme throughout the story.)
Black sweater-dress from Sportsgirl.
Black leggings from Supre, a chainstore for scary teenage girls.
Pink & white rollerskates bought in London.
Purple eyes provided by Photoshop!

Bigger versions of the pictures are here:
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

Send me your photos! I am about to go out skating & take some film, I think.