International Dress-Up Day #003 Pictures Again!

Australians do it better! Or do they?!

Dee Dee from Melbourne!

“Happy Unbirthday for Saturday! I had much fun with sparklers and party blowers and tiara on i.D.U.D . Little photo attached for you. I’m wearing a $2 tiara (that I discovered had flashing lights only after I’d been wearing it for some time), Quick Brown Fox spotty jumper (that I wear too much), and a party blower to wake the neighbours!”

Candice from Brisbane!

“i seriously had the best time on saturday.. i blew up a heap of balloons, strung streamers from my christmas lights, put on my polka dot dress [which made me feel like an absolute doll!], stuck a candle in my apple & had myself the most fantabulous time! i.d.u.d. is such a great way to break up the mundane of day to day living.. can’t wait till next month! oh & i thought you might get a kick out of this: i didn’t realise till i got home but the brand of crepe paper i bought for my streamers is called GALA!!”