International Dress-Up Day #005 Theme!

The theme for International Dress-Up Day #005 (on Saturday the 16th of June) is… Dress as your alter-ego or evil twin! (For those of you who were hanging out for a sci-fi theme, maybe your evil twin could be from the future… Just a thought!)

So, who’s your alter-ego? An eccentric divorcee who wears turbans & huge cocktail rings? Tank Girl (if you had to click that, shame on you!)? Alice in Wonderland? A French graffiti artist? A mermaid? Madonna? If you’re keener on the evil twin idea, what makes your twin evil? Do they succumb to every ice-cream shop in town? Do they moonlight as a telemarketer? Do they know the words to every Andrew Lloyd Webber musical ever made? Or are they just plain homicidal?

Remember, you don’t have to have a digital camera to take part! You could snap a Polaroid & scan it in, draw a picture, make a video or even just describe your experience.

Also, the way I’ll be presenting the contributions for International Dress-Up Day will be changing. This time there will be a cut-off date! This month’s cut-off is Thursday the 21st of June. PLEASE endeavour to submit all your photos & other ‘evidence’ by then! I was thinking of posting them all at once, but that means you have to wait until Thursday to see what happened, & that’s not what the internet is about! I’ll be posting them in daily batches instead.

Also, Emily uploaded this song for all of us to help us get in the mood! Magnetic Fields – I Wish I Had An Evil Twin. Most awesome thing ever, thank you Emily!!

Don’t forget to visit the participate page to grab a badge for your journal/Myspace/Facebook account!

I look forward to seeing what you come up with, my little geniuses!