International Dress Up Day #007 Pictures!

Super-villains ahoy! Nice work ladies!


“i am internationally recognized lightning girl. i can cause power failure for a whole city at a single glance.”



“This is Ekaterina Sinisterovna. She is the (evil) head scientist within the top-secret and highly volitile Coalition for the Promotion of Eastern European Football Superiority (aka CPEEFS). Their mission is to create a highly advanced footballing android that has skills infinitely superior to those of ordinary humans. The CPEEFS orginization plans to place these androids (known as the Andrey Shevchenko GoalBot 3000) within the most elite footballing clubs in Europe (which will then win many matches), making the members of CPEEFS very wealthy indeed. They then plan on retiring, and taking long (and simply beastly) vacations to various sunny locales, and sipping fruity drinks with terrible, naughty little umbrellas in them.”



“I paid homage to the original sexy badass with corrective lenses, The Baroness from G.I. Joe. Lasses with glasses can kick ass, too.”