International Dress-Up Day This Saturday!

Hello kittens & other assorted small animals!

Just thought I would remind you that the first INTERNATIONAL DRESS-UP DAY is THIS SATURDAY!

The theme is: dress up as your favourite song!

My favourite song at the moment is “My Love” by Justin Timberlake (haha I am such a dork) but dressing as Cameron Diaz, or whoever his new love interest is, seems like a bit of a stretch.

One of my favourite songs of all time, however, is “Pour Me Another” by Atmosphere. If you haven’t heard it, you should. Basically the song is about getting over an unhealthy relationship. I’m going to use the following lyrics from the song as inspirational fodder:

Spill a little bit of blood on the streets for love.

Heal those cuts or hide ’em underneath the polish, break another promise & take me as a hostage, hold your job down and let the zombies crowd around…

I can count the days ’til you come back, or I can follow them sunrays down to the traintracks, I can stumble drunk over hope & love, or I could keep drinking until I sober up.

I’m going to dress like a love casualty. It ties in nicely with the Valentine’s Day thing, too. Lots of red, pink, ripped stockings, a super-pale face, red lipstick & bruises. Wish my friend Timmy Lee was here in Melbourne, he does the best fake bruises ever! I hope I don’t scare anyone at the Chinese New Year festivities too much!