International Dress-Up Day!

Here are some pictures from other people who took part…

Anne dressed as “True Blue” by Madonna!

“The highights are my FIX sleeves and my Melissa shoes (Indie). Everything else is blue.”

I think she looks gorgeous. Look at that hair, it’s WILD! I wish the picture was bigger so I could ogle it more!

Mary dressed as “Clair De Lune” by Debussy, which translates to “moonlight”. She wore:

Giant white petticoat
Blue satin skirt with little mirrors & gold stitched/trim detail
Vintage blue slip converted to tube top
Cream-coloured shawl with crocheted flower detail
3 strands of pearls
Crystal flower earrings
Black & white saddle-shoe flats
Tiny gold bindi

“The white petticoat + pearls + shawl was supposed to be the moonlight & the blue skirt with golden mirrors was the night sky & the stars.”

I love the way that she looks as if she is floating above the ground in that skirt. Such a cute outfit & so well thought out! Yayyyy!

Zara Rose was dressed up as “Femme Fatale” by the Velvet Underground & Nico.

Dress: thrifted from the salvation army; $3
Belt: one of an eight belt lot she purchased on ebay; $12 (for all eight)
Tights: nude with outlines of black flowers purchased at target; $5
Pumps: from karen smith, purchased at the now-defunct filene’s (a department store) about five years ago; $25
Cigarette holder: black plastic and silver embossed metal, purchased at a small boutique in Northampton, Massachusetts; $8

Doesn’t she look perfect?! Love the shoes & cigarette holder. Awesome.

Send more pictures people!