Introducing Bad Witch Workout: LIVE In New York City!

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Ever since I started working out with my boyfriend and sharing the videos on Instagram, the two of us have been answering endless questions about exercise. In the time that I’ve known him, my body has completely transformed, and it’s all because of his very unique training style.

Finding the right kind of exercise can be tricky, especially if you’re anything like me. The things that many other people love fill me with a creeping dread. The idea of sitting on a stationary bike while a perky blonde screams at me makes me want to die a thousand deaths!

I started thinking that I couldn’t be the only person who felt this way. What if you, like me, prefer to wear a serious cat-eye to the gym? What if you’d choose Coal Chamber over Coldplay any day of the week? What if you desire Morticia Addams’ hip-to-waist ratio… And don’t mind using a little bit of magic to get it?!

As Garnett and I talked, a vision started to appear in our minds: a room of badass babes doing moves that really work, while listening to Nine Inch Nails and rocking some epic winged liner. The daydream was so beautiful that we decided to make it happen.


I’m EXTREMELY excited to announce that we’re going to be holding a live Bad Witch Workout in NYC on Sunday the 24th of July at 3pm! Come and join us for a killer workout with excellent tunes, plenty of bad witch attitude, and lots of hugs.

Got questions? I’ve got answers!

Q. I’m a beginner/advanced gym bunny, is this class for me?
A. Yes! This class is for all levels. If you have limited mobility or injuries, let us know at the start of class and Garnett will tailor moves for you.

Q. What’s the location of the workout?
A. The workout is in Manhattan, and you’ll receive the exact details via email once you purchase your ticket!

Q. Do I need to bring anything with me?
A. Bring water for sure! A yoga mat will make life easier if you have one, but if you don’t, you can totally participate without one.

Q. What should I wear?
A. Sneakers are a must, but other than that, it’s up to you. Have fun with it! If you come along wearing a witch’s hat, I’ll give you a special prize!

Q. How long is the class?
A. Class is 45 minutes and then afterwards there will be plenty of time to socialise, take photos, and talk about your favourite goth songs to sweat to!

Wanna join us? Click the button below! We can’t WAIT to see you!


If you have any other questions, email us and we’ll help you out.


Kisses and kettlebells,