Italy: Gelato, Priests, And Crumbling Old Architecture

Priests in Rome!

Dear Italy, how are you so beautiful? After our breakneck trip to Marrakech, we knew Italy would be a change of pace, but we had no idea how different!

These trips were totally life-enhancing. Nothing can remind you of the intense beauty of the world — and gently prompt you to think bigger than your own bubble — than travelling around and seeing things you’ve never seen before. When I told my father we were going to Italy, he said, “You’ll come back a different person.” I thought this was a sweet piece of hyperbole, but — as is often the case with my father — he was right. Italy changed all of us for the better. What an incredibly charming, elegant, divine country.

As with Morocco, I have a massive photo overload post on its way… But I also put together a video of some of our adventures in Rome that I hope you enjoy! (A video about Florence is coming, too.)

Click play below to watch the video and pretend you were with us on our whirlwind trip! (If you’re reading this via email, click here for the video!)



Gosh, Italy. I never knew I’d love you so much. Next time, we’re definitely going to hit up the Amalfi Coast… And stay for a much longer time!

Ciao bella!