It’s 3:04am — Do You Know Where Your Gala Is?

My super-surprise?

New York Palace



The best part is, I’m here for a while… Maybe 3 months! I’m also going on a jaunt to Florida & I’m thinking about hitting up Minnesota, too! It’s SO EXCITING to be here, & I really want to bring that to you guys, so let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to research, photograph, cover or document while I’m here!

Also… I just had the best night, we went to the raw chocolate rave [yes, some of you guessed it!] held by Dhrumil & the raw crew. I met Emrys, who rocks my WORLD, & now we’re amped up on raw chocolate & delicious elixirs! Anyway, this isn’t my “personal blog”, so if you want to read about my silly daily adventures in NYC, my Livejournal is the place to go!

Love you all so much, thanks for your patience with the surprise (26.5 hours in transit, wahhh!), & yes, ModCloth competition winners to be announced VERY SOON!