It’s Instagram Challenge Time! Get Ready For #radicalselflovejuly!

#radicalselflovejuly Instagram Challenge!

July is one of my favourite months of the year. It’s hot and wonderful in New York City, and the city pulsates with people and potential. Last year, we celebrated with #radicalselflovejuly, an Instagram challenge… And it’s time to do it all over again.

Never participated in an Instagram challenge? No sweat! All you need to do is save this image to your phone (for reference), and — optionally — upload it to your Instagram account with the hashtag #radicalselflovejuly. Then, on the corresponding days, upload images that tie in with the prompts.

You can be really literal with your interpretation, or you can play it fast and loose: it’s totally up to you. The only real criteria is that you enjoy yourself and have fun with it! The #radicalselflovejuly Instagram challenge is an awesome way to meet likeminded radical self love warriors, and also dare yourself to be creative on a consistent schedule!

Here are the prompts for #radicalselflovejuly…

Radical Self Love July Instagram Challenge

July 1: Draw a self-portrait
Get out the marker pens, watercolours, or even Post-It Notes: we want to see your vision of yourself!

July 2: Favourite colour
What colour makes your heart palpitate whenever you see it? Share a photo that illustrates your passion for your most-loved hue.

July 3: Laughter
Nothing is as wonderful as a big, loud, authentic laugh. Show us what you look like when you’re cackling up a storm, or offer up a photo of something that makes you laugh.

July 4: I believe
What do you know to be true? Let us know something that you believe.

July 5: Your babes
Who are your best friends and what does it look like when you get together? We want to see!

July 6: Rainbow
Find a rainbow! It could be in the sky, in a reflection, or even a line-up of lipsticks…

July 7: Makes me happy
What’s making you happy today? Share something that’s lifting your spirits and making you smile.

July 8: Nail art
Bust out the teeny-tiny brushes and paint a masterpiece on your nails (or go to a nail salon for a lovely treat). Need ideas? Check out Pinterest!

July 9: #TBT style evolution
We’ve all had stylish ups and downs. Show us an old photo of how you used to dress, and then tell us how you got from there to here!

July 10: Tarot card
Pull a tarot card or oracle card and share what you got. (Try Facade for a free online reading if you don’t own a deck.) How do you think this card is relevant to your life right now?

July 11: Lip sync video!
Turn up your favourite song and lip sync along to it! YES! Need inspiration? See Jimmy Kimmel’s lip sync battles for awesome ideas.

July 12: Celebrate yourself
How can you celebrate yourself today? It could be big — like throwing yourself an unbirthday party — or small — like buying yourself a bunch of flowers. Show us what you get up to.

July 13: Silly selfie
Take a silly selfie. Don’t be shy: it’s time to embrace #radicalselfielove!

July 14: Favourite beauty product
What beauty product can you not be without? A kick-ass cleanser, your favourite mascara, a killer 99c lipstick? Share your secrets!

July 15: My power word
What word do you hope to embody in your everyday life? What does it mean to you? How do you embody it on a daily basis?

July 16: New Moon ritual
It’s the New Moon, so let’s honour it! (I’ll have suggestions on my blog the week beforehand.) Show us how you get down with La Luna!

July 17: Favourite book
Tell us about a book that changed your life. What was it, when did you read it, and how did it challenge your perceptions?

July 18: Flower power
Flowers make the world so much more beautiful. Snap a photo of some of your favourites and show us!

July 19: Street art
Take a shot of something awesome painted on the street, on a wall, or somewhere it’s not supposed to be…

July 20: My hero
Who do you admire? Why do they inspire you and how do you emulate them in your life?

July 21: Make-up free selfie
Yes! Show us your gloriousness! Today’s a big one for many of us — take a risk and post a make-up free selfie!

July 22: Vision board
What does your vision board look like? What do you dream about? Show us a snippet!

July 23: Things I Thursday
Share a list of things you’re grateful for. I like to break mine up with emojis, like this!

July 24: My wish
What do you wish for more than anything else? (When you tell people what you dream about, they can help you…)

July 25: Write a love letter
Get romantic and write a love letter to yourself, to a friend, to a crush, to your long-time lover… Ooh la la!

July 26: My altar
Do you have a special space within your home full of treasures and crystals? Show us where you light candles and do magic.

July 27: Dream vacation
If I gave you a plane ticket tomorrow, where would you go? What would you do? Indulge your imagination and take us on a virtual trip!

July 28: Dance moves
You’ve got sweet dance moves, I know it! Show us some… And make it a video if you can!

July 29: Favourite artist
Who creates art that makes your heart sing? Share a piece and be sure to tag them or let us know their name in the caption.

July 30: #TBT best day ever
Share a photo from one of the best days of your life and tell us what made it so special.

July 31: I’m rad because…
Let us know your favourite characteristics. What is the best thing about you? Don’t be shy!

I’m so excited for #radicalselflovejuly! Can’t wait for it to start. Let’s do this!

Kisses and Instagram filters,