It’s Okay If You Don’t Love Yourself

It’s okay if you don’t love yourself today. It’s okay if sometimes you are furious and frustrated with yourself, with the way you look, with the things you do. I’m telling you, it is okay.

We all have those days. We all have those days where we don’t relish looking in the mirror. But with a little practice, we can have less and less of that.

When people ask me where they can start on their journey of radical self love, I can see their face fall a little when I tell them that there is no silver bullet.

Learning to love yourself is a daily commitment; a promise for the rest of your life.

So, where can we begin? Well, the thing that hurts us most is when we are self-critical… And you know the most interesting thing? It never works, and yet we keep doing it!

You will never truly love yourself if you let your inner critic run rampant and suck the fun out of everything. So, you can start on the path of radical self love by simply deciding not to criticise yourself anymore. When you feel yourself starting to go down that track, tell your mind to stop! Pick up the needle, and change that record! Think about things that make you feel good, instead.

This may sound impossible, but it isn’t. It just takes practice.

You might feel like adoring yourself is a long way away, sometimes. But radical self love shows up in the darkness, when you can almost see a tiny crack where the light comes through. Radical self love appears when you feel smothered by sadness, but you dare to hope for more. Radical self love makes itself known when you’re terrified, but you take the risk anyway.

You are fucking amazing.