John Galliano

Questions & answers. Excerpted from The Little Black Book of Style, by Nina Garcia.

Q: Is too much really never enough?
A: Too much imagination? Too much fun? Too much excitement? Too much adventure? NO WAY! Enough is never enough & when you are tired of the routine you have to go seek adventure so that you never get enough — feed your mind, body & soul, & live life in a technicolour of imagination.

Q: What one item should be in every woman’s closet?
A: A lover — that something seductive to get them there!

Q: How many different cultures have affected your designs?
A: Styles, cultures, women from around the world are like different timbres of music — there is so much to dance to. You should never stand still.

Q: What do you find eternally stylish?
A: The great Dodie Rosenkrans — she has the eye, the style, & the imagination that makes her the Peggy Guggenheim of the fashion world, & I am honored to be a part of her collection!

Q: Who is the most stylish woman you know?
A: Kate Moss — always has been — always will be. She dresses for herself, for her mood, & that is what makes her WOW!

Q: What is glamour today?
A: Confidence, independence, not giving a damn, & going for it — glamour is luxury, quality, knowing your stuff & indulging your desires — in fashion, life & living.