Join Us For A Blogging Party… In Your Own Living Room!

Join Us For A Blogging Party... In Your Own Living Room!

Exciting things happen when I’m reunited with my blogging babe posse… And our next rendezvous will be no exception!

In addition to teaching Blogcademy classes in New York and Minneapolis (yay! I can’t wait to visit the Twin Cities!), we’re also going to be conducting another livestream so that YOU can get your questions answered.


Don’t know what a livestream is? It’s a live broadcast that you can view through your computer… And it’s awesome.

Our last event in Portland was a wicked success, with lots of questions, plenty of laughs, and over 1,000 viewers! You know you wanna be a part of it…

Join Us For A Blogging Party... In Your Own Living Room!

And what’s on the table? The three of us will be talking about some of the lessons we’ve personally learned from teaching The Blogcademy… And there are a lot of them!

The blogosphere is evolving at warp speed, and if you’re afraid to move with the times, you get left behind. We’re going to talk about some trends we’re noticing, as well as discuss the changes we’re going to be making to our own blogs.

We each run our businesses very differently, and this is your chance to get some insight on how we do it… As well as get some ideas to steal for yourself!

After that, we’ll be taking your questions! You’re more than welcome to submit them in advance, but we’ll be answering ’em on the fly, too. (If you can’t attend the live event, but will be watching the recording later, we recommend submitting your questions ahead of time!)

Tickets are a paltry $7 and you can watch it live or at a later date, as many times as you like. What could be better than that?!

We can’t wait to beam into your living room… And as always, if you have any questions about the event, hit us up on Twitter!

The future is now!