Jojoba Oil Is The Elixir Of The Gods

Perhaps this website needs a “Secret tricks, pills, potions & elixirs” section! I just keep discovering amazing things! So far we have discussed Multi+ Daily Glow, Perfect Skin & melatonin.

Here is my latest wonderful finding.

Jojoba oil.

I bought a little bottle of it the other day from an organic food store. It was next to all the essential oils, & I had gone out searching for it because my super-rad hairdresser Bee told me it would stop my extensions from tangling. (Extensions can be tricky because they don’t get any natural oil added to them over the course of the day like the rest of your hair, so it can be easy for them to get dry/matted/gross in general.)

I took it home, put a teeny amount into my palm, rubbed my hands together & finger-combed it through to the ends. I let it sit there for several hours before washing it. I used my normal shampoo & conditioner, & then combed another tiny amount (like, two little droplets) of jojoba oil to my hair. I gave it a blow-dry & it looked AMAZING. Really amazing. Like the hair of an angel, if angels had fuchsia tresses.

I was really excited, so I started reading the reviews for jojoba oil on Makeup Alley. These reviews are for a particular (American) brand but I would say they are all much of a muchness. The uses for jojoba oil seemed huge, so I decided to give it a shot myself.

I started using it as an in-between step: after cleansing but before moisturising. You only need to use a TINY amount. Rub it in well, let it sit for a bit, & then moisturise over the top. When you do this at night, you wake up with deliciously smooth, glowing skin. The difference is really quite remarkable.

After using it for TWO DAYS, I went into MAC Cosmetics to pick up some things (foundation, concealer, powder). The make-up artist was trying to match the powder to my skin tone, so was applying it with a big brush, when she said, “Your skin is so beautiful & smooth!” Believe me when I say that this is not usually a compliment I receive, especially from make-up artists! But it really does make your skin look good — smooth, glowing & radiant. Even my father noticed, & he is not typically known for being super-observant on matters of this nature!

Jojoba oil is the closest possible thing to the oil produced by human skin, which means that it is absorbed easily & also helps to prevent your skin from producing lots of oil on its own. When you have oily skin, that’s usually because whatever you’re using on it is too harsh, & so your skin is in overdrive, trying to bump up the oils it has been stripped of. When you use jojoba oil, you kind of fool your skin, & so if looking shiny under your make-up has been a common problem for you… Well, no more!

The best thing about it is that it is cheap cheap cheap! You only need to use a very small amount at a time, & it should last like mad. YAY!

Try it…

On a Q-tip to remove eye make-up
In your hair at night as a leave-in conditioner (to be washed out in the morning)
To replace your normal moisturiser
To soften & smooth your skin as a step between cleansing & moisturising
Added to shampoo or conditioner
On your cuticles
As an after-shaving moisturiser
Patted lightly around the eyes to improve the appearance of your concealer
For helping to fade old scars
To clean your make-up brushes
To reduce the amount of oil produced by your face (I often get shiny under my make-up & when I use this, I don’t!)
Added to your body wash or liquid soap in the shower
Moisturise your lips
As a treatment on damp hair before blow-drying (your hair will have never looked so good)
To even the tone of your skin
To moisturise dry skin on feet, elbows, etc.
Mixed into a sugar scrub
& the list goes on…

Have you used it before, & were you happy with it? I think this is truly a holy grail beauty product you should never be without!