Last Bunch Of International Dress Up Day #006 Photos

I love you guys! You’re all so incredibly awesome!


“When I was little I always wanted to be either a rock star or a veterinarian. Since dressing up as a vet isn’t too fun, I decided to stick with the rock star theme. I remember how my friend, Aileen, and I thought we were going to be internationally famous pop-rock stars. We’d write lyrics to songs, make up band names and write stories about our adventures touring the world. Neither of us could hold a tune or play an instrument, but we had lots of fun singing and dancing along to our Barbie Think Pink cd!”



“When i was little, I wanted to do just about everything. I wanted to be a ballerina, chef, detective, veterinarian, writer… So for this months iDUD i combined two of my dreams and dressed up like a ballerina-veterinarian :p My fish’s name is Elton John :]”



“When I turned 8, my parents decided it was prime time to instill a sense of independence (and a foreboding sense of adventure) so, I started using public transport without any adult supervision. I relished every minute of it! I always made a conscious effort to sit behind the driver so I could be his secret apprentice. My arms were almost always posed as if I was turning a gianormous steering wheel. I knew which triggers to flick to open the front/back doors, which joystick to pull so the coins would fall into the coin bank and which buttons to press for the other 10 million things an efficient, multi-tasking bus driver had to do. Every bus ride was different – utterly exhilarating! Then, I turned 15 and morphed into a morose, pedantic, socially-accepted bore who swore off buses.”



“The first thing I can remember aspiring to be was a dancer/waitress. Whenever the subject comes up, my mom comments about how practical I was to have a plan in case the whole dancing thing didn’t work out. :)”


This is the last lot of International Dress-Up Day #006 photos. Thank you to everyone for participating, it was fabulous!

Now, taking advice from Sir Frederick Chook, what are your ideas for the NEXT i.D.U.D. in August?!